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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. Eugene punk bands prior to forming the Daddies. Saint Huck, who lasted from 1984 zoot suit riot newspaper articles pdf 1987.

Perry and Schmid formed their latest band Mr. In their earliest incarnation, Mr. Perry described was a desire to contemporize American roots music by infusing it with punk energy and using modernist, socially aware lyricism. By early 1989, the title of Mr. Sample of “Flovilla Thatch vs. Boasting a full horn section, a penchant for stage theatrics and encouraging their audiences to dance, the Daddies sought to prove themselves the antithesis to the then-current state of Northwest rock.

As Perry said of the Daddies’ ideology, “It was our way of saying ‘screw you’ “”we wanted to have fun, outrageously have a good blast without even thinking about it”. Daddies’ touring reach to as far as Alaska and Los Angeles by 1992. In addition to their unusual mix of musical styles, the Daddies became perhaps most notorious for their extravagant and often provocative stage shows. Almost immediately, the Daddies emerged a controversial presence within Eugene’s actively political atmosphere. Perry boldly disputed, defending the controversial elements as misinterpreted satire. Daddies endured a storm of controversy which nearly ended their burgeoning career.

Perry claimed, an irate protester threw a cup of hot coffee in his face as he was walking down the street. The Daddies”, “The Bad Daddies” and similar variations just within Eugene, retaining their full title while traveling abroad. As the Daddies advanced in their career and retired the theatrical elements from their live shows, the controversies surrounding them waned and the band returned to using their full name in their hometown, though some minor protests resurfaced during their mainstream success in the late 1990s. Daddies had progressed into a full-time touring band by early 1994. Daddies’ then-most successful independent album. Daddies’ refusal to adhere to any one particular genre. Daddies’ live sound, forgoing their usual brassy funk and swing-based eclecticism in favor of guitar-driven ska, rock and punk.