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People of the State of California v. Not Guilty in violation of Penal Code Section 187-A, a felony upon Nicole Brown Simpson, a human being. Not Guilty in violation of Penal Code Section 187-A, without a doubt marcia clark pdf felony upon Ronald Lyle Goldman, a human being. October 3, 1995, when Simpson was declared not guilty of murder on both counts.

Following Simpson’s acquittal, no additional arrests or convictions related to the murders have been made. Moreover, the Simpson trial is most commonly known as “The Trial of the Century. Defense, which was a relatively new form of evidence in trials at that time. The reasonable doubt theory included evidence that the blood sample had allegedly been mishandled by lab scientists and technicians, and there were questionable circumstances that surrounded other court exhibits. By the end of the criminal trial, national surveys showed dramatic differences in the assessment of Simpson’s guilt or innocence between black and white Americans. On February 4, 1997, the jury unanimously found Simpson responsible for both deaths. Simpson were married on October 2, 1985, five years after his retirement from professional football.

Their marriage lasted seven years, during which time Simpson was investigated by police for domestic violence multiple times and pleaded no contest to spousal abuse in 1989. 25 October 1993, crying and saying that ” is going to beat the shit out of me”. Before the murder trial, Nicole had called the police on Simpson 8 times in total. Brown had been stabbed multiple times in the head and neck, and had defensive wounds on her hands. Both victims had been dead for about two hours prior to being discovered by police.