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Easily download and save what you find. The south wing of the museum showing a portico and five vaulted galleries. The tree-lined entry courtyard is at the far left. Its initial artwork came from the private collection of Kay and Velma Kimbell, who also provided funds for a new building to house it. It is especially noted for the wash of silvery natural light across its vaulted gallery ceilings. Fort Worth businessman who built an empire of over 70 companies in a variety of industries. He married Velma Fuller, who kindled his interest in art collecting by taking him to an art show in Fort Worth in 1931, where he bought a British painting.

Kay left much of his estate to the Kimbell Art Foundation, and Velma bequeathed her share of the estate to the foundation as well, with the key directive to “build a museum of the first class. Upon accepting the post, Brown declared that the new building should itself be a work of art, “as much a gem as one of the Rembrandts or Van Dycks housed within it. The proposed museum was given space in a 9. Brown discussed the goals of the institution and its new building with the trustees and summarized them in a four-page “Policy Statement” and a nineteen-page “Pre-Architectural Program” in June 1966. Construction for the Kimbell Art Museum began in the summer of 1969.

The new building opened in October 1972 and quickly achieved an international reputation for architectural excellence. After Richard Fargo Brown’s death in 1979, Edmund “Ted” Pillsbury was appointed director of the museum. He had also been a curator at the Yale Art Gallery, Kahn’s first art museum. Pillsbury continued the art acquisition program in an aggressive but disciplined fashion. Richard Brettell, director of the Dallas Museum of Art, said, “He was, in some ways, single-handedly responsible for turning the Kimbell from an institution with a great building into one whose collection matched its architecture in quality”. In 2007, the Kimbell solved that problem by announcing plans to construct an additional, separate building across the street from the original building. In 1966, before the museum even had a building, founding director Brown included this directive in his Policy Statement: “The goal shall be definitive excellence, not size of collection.

Accordingly, the museum’s collection today consists of only about 350 works of art, but they are of notably high quality. The museum also houses a substantial library with over 59,000 books, periodicals and auction catalogs that are available as a resource to art historians and to faculty and graduate students from surrounding universities. Brown’s “Policy Statement” set a clear architectural direction by calling for the new building to be “a work of art. It was augmented by his “Pre-Architectural Program,” which specified that “natural light should play a vital part” in the design and that “the form of the building should be so complete in its beauty that additions would spoil that form.

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Brown called for a building of modest scale that would not overwhelm either the artwork or the viewer. From Kahn’s point of view, Brown was an ideal client. Brown had been an admirer of Kahn’s work for some time, and the approach he specified for the building was very much in line with Kahn’s, particularly its emphasis on natural light. Because Kahn had a reputation for significant time and cost overruns, a local engineering and architectural firm owned by Preston M. Geren was made associate architect, a practice followed in Fort Worth for out-of-state architects. Frank Sherwood served as their project coordinator.

The Geren organization had a solid reputation for bringing in projects on time and within budget, but by their own admission they were not especially innovative. The contract called for control over construction to be turned over to Geren when Kahn had finished the design, a provision that eventually led to conflict because Kahn felt that a design was never finished until the building was constructed. Kahn once said, “the building gives you answers as it grows and becomes itself. The museum trustees settled the issue by deciding that Geren would report directly to them instead of to Kahn, but that Kahn would have final say over the design, except that any changes would have to be approved by Brown.

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