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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In other words, for each gram of TNT exploded, 4184 joules of tnt the power within you free pdf are released. Alternative TNT equivalency can be calculated as a function of when in the detonation the value is measured and which property is being compared.

A kiloton of TNT can be visualized as a cube of TNT 8. 500 kg of TNT, or approximately 0. 500 at a German fertilizer factory in 1921. 1917 was the accidental detonation of 3,000 tons of TNT. American household for 103,000 years. To put that in perspective, the energy of that blast could power the entire United States for 3. Winds constitute a quarter of a percent of that energy.

8 petajoules, which is equivalent to 21. No such method of total conversion as combining 500 grams of matter with 500 grams of antimatter has yet been achieved. 1980 eruption of Mount St. The effective destructive potential of such a weapon varies greatly, depending on such conditions as the altitude at which it is detonated, the characteristics of the target, the terrain, and the physical landscape upon which it is detonated.

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