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Traven aka Red Marut arrest photo in London the raven of zurich pdf. Marut is the most popular candidate for Traven’s true identity.

German novelist, whose real name, nationality, date and place of birth and details of biography are all subject to dispute. Virtually every detail of Traven’s life has been disputed and hotly debated. There were many hypotheses on the true identity of B. Traven, some of them wildly fantastic. Traven in Mexico is also connected with the names of Berick Traven Torsvan and Hal Croves, both of whom appeared and acted in different periods of the writer’s life. Both, however, denied being Traven and claimed that they were his literary agents only, representing him in contacts with his publishers. English versions were the original ones and that the German versions were only their translations.

This claim is not taken seriously. Films based on works by B. Notable illustrations of works by B. The writer with the pen name B. June and July of the same year. American sailor who looks for a job in different occupations in Mexico, often consorting with suspicious characters and witnessing capitalistic exploitation, nevertheless not losing his will to fight and striving to draw joy from life.

The novel is an accusation of the greed of capitalist employers and bureaucracy of officials who deport Gale from the countries where he is seeking refuge. Traven is identical with the revolutionary Ret Marut, there is a clear parallel between the fate of Gale and the life of the writer himself, devoid of his home country, who might have been forced to work in a boiler room of a steamer on a voyage from Europe to Mexico. The action of the book is again set in Mexico, and its main characters are a group of American adventurers and gold seekers. 1927 and published in an extended book form in 1929. Indian owners for the benefit of an American oil company. After the Jungle Novels, B.

English but first published in German in 1950. The book was only accepted after its thorough stylistic editing by Johannes Schönherr who adapted its language to the “Traven style”. Apart from his twelve novels, B. Traven also authored many short stories, some of which remain unpublished. From the 1940s onwards many of his short stories also appeared in magazines and anthologies in different languages. The book, published by Büchergilde Gutenberg like his other works, contained 64 pages of photographs taken by B.

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It has not been translated into English. Traven’s writings can be best described as “proletarian adventure novels”. Traven’s books, however, are not only characterized by a detailed description of the social environment of their protagonists but also by the consistent presentation of the world from the perspective of the “oppressed and exploited”. The notions of “justice” or Christian morality, which are so visible in adventure novels by other authors, for example Karl May, are of no importance here. Instead, an anarchist element of rebellion often lies at the centre of the novel’s action.

The hero’s rejection of his degrading living conditions frequently serves as motive and broad emphasis is placed upon the efforts of the oppressed to liberate themselves. Professional politicians, including ones who sympathize with the left, are usually shown in a negative light, if shown at all. Although the author does not offer any positive programme, he always indicates the cause of suffering of his heroes. Traven’s criticism of capitalism is, however, free of blatant moralizing. Dressing his novels in the costume of adventure or western literature, the writer seeks to appeal to the less educated, and first of all to the working class.

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