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Others, however, age with the gracefulness of Steven Seagal. With the assistance of Browning and The bolt action by stuart otteson pdf, the Winchester Model 70 has matured and grown into an excellent weapon platform for the nostalgic sportsman who doesn’t want to sacrifice functionality . Winchester Model 70 Featherweight courtesy winchesterguns.

On one encounter I met a gentleman who owned an older 1927 Winchester Model 70 and figured it would be a hell of a thing to compare a Model 70 made in the ’20s to a current production rifle. The crown on the older rifle is not as sharp but I doubt that has to do with inferior craftsmanship and more to do with decades of wear and tear. Hell this gun was 60-some years old when I was still in diapers. The furniture on the original Model 70 is a little nicer than the wood on current production models, but in all fairness, the original rifle had an aftermarket mani-pedi done by a local smith about 30 years ago. If modern production Winnies came with that kind of attention to detail, they’d be triple their current MSRP. 70-year trigger and action job done to an already hand-polished rifle. It’s so smooth, the bolt may as well be resting in a teflon chamber dripping with Astroglide.

The new model 70 is stronger but lighter by virtue of CNC machined superior steel. That translates into more recoil, but the Model 70 isn’t a target gun, it’s a hunting rifle. Enough beating around the bush, though. It’s time to get to what many old-timers or bolt-gun enthusiasts are wanting to hear.