The adventures of pinocchio pdf

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Marionette that he had eaten nothing as yet. I’m neither an English nor Italian,but an Indian. When i was,so far as i can remember,eleven or twelve i read the a book borrowed from an elder brother. This was translated in Bengali. The story of ‘Pinocchio’ then struck me most, and like a pearl to a farmer,kept it safely.

One day i told to my friend about the story and he also wanted to read it. But came the day of which i feared most,it was lost. Like a priest searching the God,i asked every book-sailer about the story of ‘Pinocchio’ but in vain. Nowhere the expectation became fulfilled. I thought that the pearl was lost in the ocean,i would never get it return.

Today,i find it ,and with it came a heavy wave of feelings which was lost so far into the clouds. Pinocchio is one of my best memorable character. I love this story so much New generation don’t know about these beautiful fairy tales. Because they live with computers,games,films and other nonvaluable things. They don’t know how valuable these stories.

However this book took me to my childhood again. I love Pinocchio and his father Chipato. Read more about War Eternal: Angels’ Whispers by J. Read more about Shelter My Heart by L. The Adventures of Pinocchio : C. Librivox recording of The Adventures of Pinocchio by C.