Sensemaking a structure for an intelligence revolution pdf

Sensemaking a structure for an intelligence revolution pdf be successful, entrepreneurs must be able to cope with significant ambiguity. Entrepreneurial businesses typically operate m unsettled industries or unsettled segments of stable industries.

Moreover, starting a new business is an uncertain undertaking creating many ambiguities in itself. This paper discusses the process of mental model development for entrepreneurs. Metaphor development is proposed to be a significant and important stage in this process. Metaphors provide a common language and a basis for communication within the organization. Metaphors are particularly useful in communicating broad and sometimes abstract concepts such as organizational mission and strategy and in situations requiring novel concepts and approaches. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

1995 Published by Elsevier Inc. The self is a critical interpretive structure that guides leadership sensemaking . Yet relatively little is known about how early childhood experiences may impact implicit leadership theories and how these experiences may shape expectations about the self in relation to leadership figures as well as willingness to learn and adapt one’s behavior consistent with different leadership models. Accordingly, a theoretical model based on attachment theory is developed to examine these issues. Feedback exists between two parts when each affects the other. Simple causal reasoning about a feedback system is difficult because the first system influences the second and second system influences the first, leading to a circular argument. This makes reasoning based upon cause and effect tricky, and it is necessary to analyze the system as a whole.