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Charlie is left with only his father’s car and collection of rose bushes. Hoffman’s role and the wit and sophistication of the screenplay, and was the highest-seasons of a woman’s life levinson free pdf film of 1988. Its crew received an additional four nominations.

Charlie directs an employee to lie to the buyers while he stalls his creditor. Raymond Babbitt, of whom he was previously unaware. Charlie spirits Raymond out of the mental institution and into a hotel for the night. Susanna becomes upset with the way Charlie treats his brother and leaves. Charlie asks Raymond’s doctor, Dr. Bruner, for half the estate in exchange for Raymond’s return, but he refuses.

Charlie decides to attempt to gain custody of his brother in order to get control of the money. After Raymond refuses to fly back to Los Angeles, they set out on a cross-country road trip together. He also learns that Raymond actually lived with the family when Charlie was young and he realizes that the comforting figure from his childhood, whom he falsely remembered as an imaginary friend named “Rain Man”, was actually Raymond. Charlie and Raymond to leave. Charlie has made enough to cover his debts and has reconciled with Susanna who rejoined them in Las Vegas.

Back in Los Angeles, Charlie meets with Dr. 250,000 to walk away from Raymond. Charlie refuses and says that he is no longer upset about what his father left him, but he wants to have a relationship with his brother. At a meeting with a court-appointed psychiatrist Raymond is shown to be unable to decide for himself what he wants. Charlie stops the questioning and tells Raymond he is happy to have him as his brother. Bruner to return to the mental institution.