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Redistribution differs from simple reciprocity, which is a dyadic back-and-forth exchange between two parties. Redistribution, in contrast, consists of pooling, a system of reciprocities. Pooling establishes a centre, whereas reciprocity inevitably establishes two distinct parties with their own interests. While the most basic form of pooling is that of food within the family, it sahlins the original affluent society pdf also the basis for sustained community efforts under a political leader.

Sahlins argues that generalized reciprocity within families by elders may be a “starting mechanism” for more general hierarchy, by placing many in the giver’s debt. This leads to the question, “when does reciprocity give way to redistribution. Sahlins argues that chiefly redistribution is not different in principle and nothing but a highly organized form of kinship-rank reciprocity. Bähre argued that redistribution is a central mechanism in capitalist economies.

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