Rifts dimension book 11 pdf

Genis-Vell would become the third to carry the name. Genis-Vell starting in the fall of 1999. The numbering would last for 35 issues, until October 2002. 25 in 2004 due to rifts dimension book 11 pdf sales.

Peter David was given the chance to resolve the plot in a single issue. Elysius seeks to protect her new son, Genis-Vell, from Mar-Vell’s powerful enemies by taking him to a distant planet. Elysius like her son was created artificially. Elysius was created by the Titan computer ISAAC which had been corrupted by Thanos. A motley crew of Avengers are gathered. Among them is a future version of Genis, now known as Captain Marvel, eventually revealed to have been selected because of the role his interaction with Rick Jones would play in shaping the final outcome of the storyline.

At the climax of the Destiny War and with Rick Jones’ life in jeopardy, Genis recreates the Nega-Band connection with Rick in order to save him. Whereas Mar-Vell and Rick formed a strong friendship during their time together, Genis-Vell and Rick have a much harder time getting along. Eventually, however, they become good friends. After a string of irrational adventures, Genis destroys the multiverse at the behest of Entropy and Epiphany.

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