Reading wonders your turn practice book grade 3 pdf

Timed repeated readings are an instructional practice for monitoring students’ fluency development. Repeated readings, under timed reading wonders your turn practice book grade 3 pdf, of familiar instructional level text can increase students’ reading speed which can improve comprehension. Why use timed repeated readings?

It improves reading rate, one aspect of fluency. It improves reading accuracy, a second aspect of fluency, and leads to improved comprehension. Most timed repeated reading sessions should include 3-4 re-readings of the same text. The student reads for 1 minute. This score is as valid as calculating perfect correct or accuracy on longer readings. Provide some practice time with non-assessment reading material before beginning the 1 minute timed reading.

The teacher or partner counts how words the student read in 1 minute. The number of words read results can be graphed using a bar graph. Working with students individually, the teacher asks the student to read a familiar passage and times them while they read. The teacher graphs the time each reading takes to show them how their fluency improves with successive readings. A student read a story with 148 words in 2 minutes, 55 seconds. Count the total number of words. Count the number of mistakes.

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