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United States Army Special Operations Command DUI. Coats of arms of U. Coat of arms of the United States Army 75th Infantry Regiment. The 75th Ranger Regiment is the U. Army’s premier light infantry unit, with specialized skills that enable the Regiment to perform a variety of missions. Besides direct action raids, these include: Airfield seizure, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, clandestine insertion, and site exploitation.

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The Regiment can deploy one Ranger battalion within 18 hours of alert notification. French forces and their Indian allies and were instrumental in capturing Fort Detroit. One, General John Stark, commanded the First New Hampshire Militia, which gained fame at the Battles of Bunker Hill and Bennington. Stark later coined the phrase “Live free or die”, New Hampshire’s state motto. In 1777, this force of hardy frontiersmen, commanded by Dan Morgan, was known as The Corps of Rangers. The Swamp Fox”, organized another famous Revolutionary War Ranger element known as “Marion’s Partisans”.

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