Procurement cycle in sap mm pdf

Every organization acquires material or services to complete its business needs. The process of buying materials and obtaining services from vendors or dealers is procurement. The steps which are required to procure a material forms the procurement cycle. Every organization performs some common sequential steps so procurement cycle in sap mm pdf a material can be procured in right quantity at the right price.

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This is the first step in procurement cycle. It is the logical subdivision where it is determined that what material or services are required by company, and which supplier can fulfill the requirement. A list of requirements is made and then it is approved by senior authority within the organization. After approval, formal list is made that is known as purchase order with one more level of approval which is sent to the vendor. Purchase order is the formal and final confirmation of the requirements which is sent to vendor to supply material or services. Purchase order will include important information like name of material with its corresponding plant, details of purchasing organization with its company code, name of vendor,and date for delivery of material. Supplying Plant Known execute icon by following the above path.

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Fill in all necessary details like name of vendor, purchasing organization, purchasing group, company code, details of material like material number, price, currency, plant. L code, business area, and WBS element. A new Purchase Order will be created. After processing of purchase order by vendor, material is delivered to ordering party and this process is called as goods receipt. So, goods receipt is the phase in which the material is received by the ordering party and the condition and quality are verified.