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Views of a Foetus in the Womb detail. Old man who read love stories chapter 2 pdf people often have limited regenerative abilities and are more susceptible to disease, syndromes, and sickness than younger adults. Old age is not a definite biological stage, as the chronological age denoted as “old age” varies culturally and historically.

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Definitions of old age include official definitions, sub-group definitions, and four dimensions as follows. At what age old age begins cannot be universally defined because it differs according to the context. Most developed-world countries have accepted the chronological age of 50 years as a definition of ‘elderly’ or older person. 55 as the beginning of old age. At the same time, the WHO recognized that the developing world often defines old age, not by years, but by new roles, loss of previous roles, or inability to make active contributions to society. Most developed Western countries set the age of 60 to 65 for retirement. 65 years old is usually a requirement for becoming eligible for senior social programs.

However, various countries and societies consider the onset of old age as anywhere from the mid-40s to the 70s. The definitions of old age continue to change especially as life expectancy in developed countries has risen to beyond 80 years old. 115, with an absolute upper limit of 125 years. However, the authors’ methods and conclusions drew criticism from the scientific community, who concluded that the study was flawed. Gerontologists have recognized the very different conditions that people experience as they grow older within the years defined as old age. In developed countries, most people in their 60s and early 70s are still fit, active, and able to care for themselves. Therefore, rather than lumping together all people who have been defined as old, some gerontologists have recognized the diversity of old age by defining sub-groups.

Two British scholars, Paul Higgs and Chris Gilleard, have added a “fourth age” sub-group. In British English, the “third age” is “the period in life of active retirement, following middle age”. Higgs and Gilleard describe the fourth age as “an arena of inactive, unhealthy, unproductive, and ultimately unsuccessful ageing. Wattis and Curran add a fifth dimension: developmental.

Chronological age may differ considerably from a person’s functional age. The distinguishing marks of old age normally occur in all five senses at different times and different rates for different persons. In addition to chronological age, people can be considered old because of the other dimensions of old age. For example, people may be considered old when they become grandparents or when they begin to do less or different work in retirement. It implies that the person being referred to is retired. Some dictionaries describe widespread use of “senior citizen” for people over the age of 65.

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