Naked economics chapter 4 pdf

Australian-naked economics chapter 4 pdf, British-based economist and author. 2013, due to the closure of the economics program at the university.

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Keen was born in Sydney in 1953. His father was a bank manager. He completed his PhD in economics at the University of New South Wales in 1998. The hypothesis predicts that an overly large private debt to GDP ratio can cause deflation and depression. Here, the falling of the price level results in a continually rising real quantity of outstanding debt. Thus, debt and deflation act on and react to one another, resulting in a debt-deflation spiral.

The outcome is a depression. Steve Keen argues that the current global economic crisis is the result of too much private debt. Keen presents a wide variety of critiques on neoclassical economic theory, and argues that they show neoclassical assumptions are fundamentally flawed. He argues that economists’ overall conclusions are very sensitive to small changes in these assumptions. For example, the total value of sausages produced by a sausage machine over its useful life might be greater than the value of the machine. Depreciation, he implies, was the weak point in Marx’s social accounting system all along.