Monster the autobiography of an la gang member pdf

Monster: The Autobiography of monster the autobiography of an la gang member pdf L. Cover of the first edition. Sanyika Shakur, aka Monster Kody Scott, while he was in prison. Gangster Crips at eleven years old.

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He endures beatings and is forced to hold his own and fight back against the gang members to prove he is tough enough to join. His first gang action is the same night as initiation and involves a sawed-off shotgun and shooting at a rival gang. He quickly becomes an important member of the Eight-Trays. Following his initiation, Scott works his way up the totem pole of importance.

Throughout the book Scott alleges he takes part in many gang activities, and the wars between gangs are nonstop. He claims to have killed many people and is shot six times and taken to the ICU. After getting out of the hospital, he is shot again and survives. Soon after this, he is arrested for a robbery and is sentenced to four years in Juvenile.

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