Marine cng ship technology pdf

Because the main capital expenditure in a CNG project is on marine transport vessels, careful design of CNG transport fleets and compatible distribution plans is important. In this work, a structured optimization framework is developed to uncover trends and patterns for optimal selection of the number and capacities of CNG vessels along with corresponding schedules marine cng ship technology pdf CNG distribution. An important conclusion from this analysis is that medium-capacity vessels may result in lower capacity for an entire fleet, thus offering significant economical advantages.

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A case study of potential CNG distribution in the Caribbean illustrates the proposed approach. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Different gas containment system materials for CNG ships are analyzed by FEM structural computations. A holistic design strategy is used to account for gas containment system scantling material on fleet performance.

Both technical and economic performance are accounted for ranking the designed fleets. A multi-objective decision making environment is proposed to select the optimal CNG fleet configuration. The considered scenario is represented by the transportation of CNG from an offshore well to a terminal on shore. The choice of the construction material influences considerably the weight of the PVs, which represent a major item of total ship weight and reflects directly on the general transport performances in terms of resistance, seakeeping and reliability in the service. On the other hand, capital as well as operating expenditures are considerably affected by the choice.

When exploring the design space, the ship synthesis model is able, at a preliminary stage of the design, to account for the various technical and economical aspects, their implications and relationships. Results are presented of computations carried out in a specific case, identified by the annual gas production and other characteristics of the well terminal and a cruising route for the ships. The comparison is carried out on the basis of the cost per transported unit of gas and of the percentage of success in the transportation process. The computations show that the choice of the PV material has a key influence on the results in terms of optimal number, dimensions and speed of the ships. Requires EPA site validation testing.

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