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Unsourced material may be challenged manu dharma shastra in telugu pdf removed. Prahlāda describes the process of loving worship to his Lord Vishnu.

The majority of stories in the Puranas are based on the activities of Prahlāda as a young boy, and he is usually depicted as such in paintings and illustrations. Hiranyakashipu, as Prahlāda and his mother Kayadu bow before Lord Narasiṁha. However, after repeated attempts of filicide by Hiranyakashipu unto Prahalāda, Prahalāda was finally saved by Lord Narasimha, a prominent avatar of Vishnu who descended to demonstrate the quality of Divine rage and redemption by killing the demon king. The word “Narsimha” is derived from the Sanskrit word” nar” meaning Man and “simaha” meaning lion. Thus Narsimha to a being who is half man and half lion. Lord Narasiṁha, being the transcendental Supreme Personality of Godhead, fulfilled all the proper requirements by which the otherwise nearly-invincible Hiranyakashipu could be killed.

After the death of his father, Prahlāda took his father’s kingdom and ruled peacefully and virtuously. He was known for his generosity and kindness. Lord Narasiṁha kills demon hiraṇyakaśipu. His father didn’t like his Spiritual inclination and tried to warn Prahlāda.

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