Linux ubuntu commands pdf free download

This is a linux command line reference for common operations. All linux ubuntu commands pdf free download commands have been tested both on Fedora and Ubuntu.

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Lookup locale info for specific country. Show top disk users in current dir. Show network traffic except ssh. Some of these tools are not only meant to take screenshot, but also to modify the picture, adjust borders, color and a lot more while taking screenshots in Ubuntu. Most of times we need to take screenshot of whole screen or some part of window on screen. While on Android or iOS, you can do this even with the click of a button, here on Linux we have special tools which ease taking screenshot, providing flexibility whether of whole screen or some part of screen.

Some of these tools are not only meant to take screenshot, but also to modify the picture, adjusting the borders, depth, color and a lot more while capturing screen of a particular application or a whole window. There are a lot of open source tools in the market for this purpose and are easily available on Ubuntu Linux system, we will be focusing on few of them which are both popular and flexible when it comes to features they provide. One of the powerful screenshot tool, which not only allow you to take screenshot, of any part of screen, but also allows you to edit the captured image, adding text, hiding private content by pixelating, upload an image to a hosting site and much more. It is written in Perl and available as an open source tool under GNU GPLv3 license.