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She is also sometimes illustrated with wings, two tails, or both. Raymond walks in on his wife, Melusine, in her bath and discovers she has the lower body of a serpent. He goes into detail and depth about the relationship of Melusine and Raymondin, their initial meeting and legends of the fall novella pdf complete story.

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1500, and often printed in both the 15th century and the 16th century. She was Pressyne, mother of Melusine. She gave birth to triplets. The three girls—Melusine, Melior, and Palatyne—grew up in Avalon.

On their fifteenth birthday, Melusine, the eldest, asked why they had been taken to Avalon. Upon hearing of their father’s broken promise, Melusine sought revenge. She and her sisters captured Elynas and locked him, with his riches, in a mountain. Pressyne became enraged when she learned what the girls had done, and punished them for their disrespect to their father.

Melusine was condemned to take the form of a serpent from the waist down every Saturday. In other stories, she takes on the form of a mermaid. Just as her mother had done, she laid a condition: that he must never enter her chamber on a Saturday. He broke the promise and saw her in the form of a part-woman, part-serpent, but she forgave him.

1192 to 1489 claimed to be descended from Melusine. She bore the count many children, and erected for him a magnificent castle by her magical art. Their harmony was uninterrupted until the prying husband broke the conditions of their union, by concealing himself to behold his wife make use of her enchanted bath. On her terms of marriage, she too required one day of absolute privacy each week. Alas, Sigfrid, as the Luxem-bourgish call him, “could not resist temptation, and on one of the forbidden days he spied on her in her bath and discovered her to be a mermaid. When he let out a surprised cry, Melusina caught sight of him, and her bath immediately sank into the solid rock, carrying her with it. Melusina surfaces briefly every seven years as a beautiful woman or as a serpent, holding a small golden key in her mouth.

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