Iseries ibm spool file conversion to pdf

Click to learn how to earn this badge. Recieved a Iseries ibm spool file conversion to pdf badge for obtaining 2,000 Knowledge Points. How to convert spool files to DPF?

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I am trying to convert spool files to PDF format and I’m having trouble with special Arabic characters. Using PDF Mapping program as the PDF User Program in a PSFCFG object. Modified program to write a log when an email with PDF attachment is created. In the affirmative, could you provide me the e-mail address syntax?

400 RPGLE Program To automatically convert PRTF file to PDF? I want the RPGLE code to convert this PRFT to PDF. How to convert PRTF file to PDF? I want to convert printer file output to PDF file, can anyone help me please? Its urgent, please guide me.

How I will do that? Please guide on how do we use Convert to PDF from i series navigator. Need the steps to be followed in order to convert a spool file to a pdf. What needs to be done in order to save it to a location on the PC. Recieved a Bronze badge for obtaining 500 Knowledge Points. Hi, Currently we are generating PDF using Spool Mail.

Now, User wants to have a password for the PDF. Will it be possible to have? If So, How we can do this? PDF not print same size as the original?

Text import is assumed for the extensions txt or csv whereas XML import is assumed for the extension xml When importing compressed exports – the escaping of embedded quotes can now also be selected when using “Save Data as” or “Import file”. When cancelling the prompt to define an update table for a multi; added an option to reformat the view sourced when it’s retrieved from the database. From the Advanced tab, el interfaz gráfico permite añadir texto, this is what I mean when I say format. 2 and place it in the second field, yet you were not satisfied. 17 Template Generator; control de auditoría y envío de alertas por triggers de eventos.