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Did you forget your password? 2000 – 2018, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Anyone who defines themselves as an Afrikaner and identifies with Afrikaner ethnicity is welcome in Orania. July 2017 that there were by that time 1,500 Afrikaners in Orania. More than 100 businesses are located in Orania as of 2013. Due to its unusual nature, the town is often visited by journalists and documentary-makers.

Afrikaner workers are not permitted unless they have skills no resident has. Orania residents claim the town is a secure environment and they have no need to lock their house doors. By the 1970s, the SABRA advocated the idea of transforming South Africa into a commonwealth, where population groups would develop parallel to each other. Boshoff regarded contemporary plans of the white-minority government to retain control through limited reforms as doomed to fail. Believing that black-majority rule could not be avoided, he instead supported the creation of a separate, smaller state for the Afrikaner nation. Transvaal and the Free State, which encompass the economic heartland of South Africa and much of its natural resources, instead focussing on an economically underdeveloped and semi-desert area in the north-western Cape. Even proponents of the idea conceded that this model would demand significant economic sacrifices from Afrikaners who moved to the volkstaat.

Orania, had originally envisaged a population of 60,000 after 15 years. While he conceded that most Afrikaners might decide not to move to the volkstaat, he thought that it is nevertheless essential Afrikaners have this option, since this will make them feel more secure, thereby reducing tensions in the rest of South Africa. A policy shift was announced in 2014. Acknowledging that early growth expectations had not been met, the town’s chief executive argued that Orania should employ its limited resources to grow into a ‘city’ of around 50,000 inhabitants, though the ultimate objective remains self-determination. Urbanisation is deemed necessary to preserve cultural institutions and deliver services to provide an adequate standard of living. Carel Boshoff IV rejected the word ‘volkstaat’, arguing that repeated use with no grounding in reality had led it to become an abstract term. While regarding an Afrikaner nation as desirable, he saw the word as carrying too much of a baggage, connected to unrealistic and anachronistic expectations.