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FBI’s most wanted list accused of murdering his wife and three children in Oregon. April 17, 2015, in the United States. The film explores the relationship that develops between the two men after the journalist Finkel begins to meet with Longo in prison. Finkel briefly attempts to defend his actions, but he is unsuccessful how to tell a true war story pdf is fired.

Christian Longo’s theft of his identity. Finkel, who was not aware of Longo’s case at all, is intrigued, and arranges to meet with Longo in prison. During their first conversation, Longo claims that he has followed Finkel for his entire career and always admired his writing. Longo agrees to tell Finkel his side of the crimes he is accused of, in exchange for writing lessons and Finkel’s promise not to share their conversations until after the conclusion of the murder trial. Finkel becomes increasingly absorbed with Longo, who is likeable but evasive about his guilt. Convinced that the story will be redemptive, Finkel visits Longo in prison and corresponds with him for several months. Longo sends Finkel numerous letters as well as an eighty-page notebook entitled “Wrong Turns”, which contains what Longo describes as a list of every mistake he has made in his life.

Finkel begins to recognize similarities between Longo and himself, their handwriting and drawing, and Longo’s letters and Finkel’s personal journals. As the trial approaches, Finkel grows increasingly doubtful that Longo is guilty of the murders, and Longo informs Finkel he intends changing his plea to not guilty. In court, Longo pleads not guilty to two of the murders, but pleads guilty to the murder of his wife and one of his daughters. Finkel confronts Longo, who claims that he can not share everything he knows because he has to protect certain individuals, whom he refuses to name. Longo down and arrested him, approaches Finkel, and claims that Longo is an extremely dangerous and manipulative man.

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He tries to convince Finkel to turn over as evidence all of his correspondence with Longo. Finkel refuses and Ganley does not press him for an explanation. At the trial, Longo takes the stand and describes his version of the events in detail. He claims that, after an argument with his wife about their financial situation, he had come home to discover two of his children missing, one of his daughters unconscious, and his wife sobbing, saying that she put the children “in the water”.

Longo says that he strangled his wife to death in a blind rage. He says he thought his other daughter was dead at first, but then realized that she was still breathing and strangled her as well because she was all but dead. Finkel’s wife, Jill, watches Longo’s testimony. As the jury deliberates, Jill visits Longo in jail and tells him that he is a narcissistic murderer who will never escape who he is.