How to setup pdf printer to print 22×34 in landscape

But the question is, should you? Every now and again I hear from someone who is using Print Booklet, but they want it to export a How to setup pdf printer to print 22×34 in landscape. And unfortunately, Print Booklet only lets you print!

I’m only half-joking when I say this. They’re just doing it because their printer told them to. And their printer told them to because the printer is either clueless, lazy, or dangerous. Step 1: Set up Print Booklet. If you know what device it will be printed on, choose it from the PPD pop-up menu.

Make sure the rest of the Print dialog box is set up properly for printing on that device. For example, you will probably need to set the Orientation and perhaps Scale to Fit, so that your pages will fit on the paper. When you click OK, the Print dialog box will close and you’ll return to the Print Booklet dialog box. At this point, make sure the Preview tab is showing the booklet properly. Step 4: Convert to PDF. Acrobat launches Distiller in the background, converts the PS file to a PDF file, and quits.

Note that if you want to control the job options — that is, change which PDF Presets Acrobat will use — you can do that in Acrobat’s Preferences dialog box, or in Distiller. As I said, this isn’t my favorite technique, but it works. You can find more about David at 63p. That is good to know! It’s good to know the postscript workaround.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but why not just export the PDF and then print the booklet from Acrobat? You make a good point, Bob. But that doesn’t make an imposed PDF. I does the imposition at print time. I’m just responding to the many people who have asked me about this over the years.

Clearly, some people want a PDF that is imposed as a booklet. 3 save postscript box gave error: the active document uses multiple page sizes. Print booklet only works with documents that use a consistent page size. Can you think of any other thing I might be doing wrong?

This almost worked but when I create the pdf from the postscript file it only prints half the pages. What am I doing wrong? Create another file with facing pages, untick the shuffle pages, and setup a facing pages spreads. Place and choose your indesign file, and click show options.