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Canute’s Efficient Running Site » Lydiard v. Where does Hadd fit in the picture with Maffetone and Lydiard? Recent advocates of the Lydiard approach, particularly Hadd and Maffetone, have focused on avoiding the anaerobic zone during the conditioning phase. Hal higdon’s half marathon training pdf focus has led to a greater emphasis on running at the lower end of the aerobic zone than I believe Lydiard himself advocated, though it is not easy to be certain what Lydiard intended.

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He stated that running should at a good aerobic pace, and should leave you comfortably tired after the session. I doubt that even Lydiard recommended immediate repetition of a 22 mile run. Whatever Lydiard meant, Philip Maffetone makes it much clearer that he recommends that most of the training should be in the lower part of the aerobic zone during base-building phase. For me, his formula gives a maximum aerobic training heart rate of 117. 140-145, so Maffetone’s recommendation is far below my ventilatory threshold.