Free speech movement reflections on berkeley in the 1960s pdf

With the participation of thousands of students, the Free Speech Movement was the first mass civil disobedience in college campus of the United States during 1960s. It exhibits far-reaching influence on the political views free speech movement reflections on berkeley in the 1960s pdf values of generations of college students, university administrations, and the general public in the United States.

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The students created SLATE to promote the right of student groups to support off-campus issues. According to existing rules at the time, fundraising for political parties was limited exclusively to the Democratic and Republican school clubs. Avenues would be “strictly enforced. This strip was until then thought to be city property, not campus property. He refused to show his identification to the campus police and was arrested. There was a spontaneous movement of students to surround the police car in which he was to be transported.

The police car remained there for 32 hours, all while Weinberg was inside it. At one point, there may have been 3,000 students around the car. The car was used as a speaker’s podium and a continuous public discussion was held which continued until the charges against Weinberg were dropped. Among other grievances was the fact that four of their leaders were being singled out for punishment. Freedom classes” were held by teaching assistants on one floor, and a special Channukah service took place in the main lobby.