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Free pdf editor stanley lombardo editor’s personal feelings about a topic. As a girl she was bought by Laertes, Odysseus’ father.

He treated her as his wife, but she was never his consummated lover so as not to dishonor his real wife, Anticleia. Eurycleia’s name means “broad fame,” while Anticleia means “anti-fame. The tension between the meanings of Eurycleia’s name and Anticleia’s name reflects the tension between the two pillars of Odysseus’ life. Odysseus’ fame comes from his role as a noble hero paralleled to his role as an anonymous beggar. However, he takes on the role of a beggar not once, but twice. He first appears as a beggar to sneak into Troy and kill unsuspecting Trojan soldiers, and again when he returns home to Ithaca and plans to kill all of Penelope’s suitors.

In many ways, his role as a beggar, especially when he returns to Ithaca is far more meaningful. His re-entry into his own home after twenty years is arguably the most important moment of his life, perhaps suggesting that his role as a beggar — and his connection with Eurycleia — is what is most important to him. Gripping her by the throat he says, “Nanny, d’ye want to destroy me? OrI will not spare even you my nurse, when I kill the other women in this house. Eurycleia also informs Odysseus which of his servant girls had been unfaithful to Penelope during his absence, conspiring with Penelope’s suitors and becoming their lovers. Later, Eurycleia informs Penelope that Odysseus has returned, but Penelope does not believe the maid.

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