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This page famous five books download pdf last edited on 18 July 2017, at 09:55. On 21 June 2008 the show debuted in Italy and Australia on Disney Channel.

The central characters, children of the original Famous Five, embark on a new series of adventures. Allie, who was born in California before moving to Falcongate, is a happy shopaholic and uses her cellphone to stay in contact with America. He is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth in Series 1-2. The Famous Five’s trusty pet dog.

Famous Five, who are the same age as them, but are spoiled, pampered and arrogant due to their father’s wealth. They typically have their comeuppance whenever they appear, but have been shown to team up with the five on occasion. The show has attracted some criticism from some Blyton fans. Famous Five is all about gadgets and multi-culturalism. I am not in favour.