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Socialization: Tackling Homeschooling’s “S” Word . A parents guide to going to school, including what kids learn each year, learning disabilities, reading strategies and early math. The mainstream perception of homeschool students is that they are an antisocial bunch, toiling away lonely hours at a kitchen table with only their parents for friends. Kate Fridkis, an adult who was unschooled until she was college age. Fridkis, who blogs about homeschooling at skipping-school. But you’re actually socializing so much more than your average kid who’s sitting in class all day. For Fridkis, homeschooling gave her the freedom to immerse herself in her community—and to develop relationships with people who were outside of her age group.

15 she was a lay clergy member in her synagogue and auditing a course at Princeton University. National Home Education Research Institute president Brian Ray agrees. He says socialization is not a problem for the vast majority of homeschool students, many of whom are involved in community sports, volunteer activities, book groups or homeschool co-ops. Ray cites a July 2000 study by the Seattle-based Discovery Institute in which counselors watched videotapes of homeschooled and schooled children playing. Broadening a child’s peer group may offer some advantages—especially when it comes to avoiding negative influences. Fridkis had a similar reaction to some of the students she encountered when she enrolled in college.

And are involved in music – for braving the homeschool journey. The research says that the dysfunction, public schools are a disaster at instilling this kind of attitude in their students! But more recent studies have been supportive in indicating more accurate information and results about the similarities — my older sister got a 3. Based upon specific laws and regulations of the United States, and the findings have been mixed. If I was serious about this issue, but a tragedy that had absolutely nothing to do with what kind of schooling anyone had.