Esv bible pdf download free

I am far from being an expert on book design and related subjects but esv bible pdf download free together this project caused me to do a bit of research. Most of us never really think about things like fonts and typefaces and their impact on the quality of our reading experience.

I chose for my books 11 point Garamond. I like it the best between that and Baskeville. Note that the fonts and their size will have an impact on the number of pages. I recently put together a complete NKJV for a friend.

I went down to 10 on Garamond and it was still over 1500 pages. Next you will need to choose what editor you will use for putting all of this together. Word templates you can download. The most useful part is the gutter feature of the template. The gutter is the space between the text on the pages and the center of the book, not the best technical definition. If you gutter is too narrow there will be words in the center of the book that may be hard to read. I did not use Word myself because I am a Mac user and unfortunately Microsoft chose to use Apple’s built-in pdf creation feature, which you need to with Lulu and just about anyone else as well.