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Objective: This meta-analysis of 12 studies essentials of rorschach assessment pdf the efficacy of projective techniques to discriminate between sexually abused children and nonsexually abused children. Method: A literature search was conducted to identify published studies that used projective instruments with sexually abused children. Those studies that reported statistics that allowed for an effect size to be calculated, were then included in the meta-analysis.

There were 12 studies that fit the criteria. Kinetic Family Drawings, Human Figure Drawings, Draw Your Favorite Kind of Day, The Rosebush: A Visualization Strategy, and The House-Tree-Person. 81, which is a large effect. Six studies included only a norm group of nondistressed, nonabused children with the sexual abuse group. 76, which is a medium to large effect. Conclusion: This indicates that projective instruments can discriminate distressed children from nondistressed subjects, quite well.

In the studies that included a clinical group of distressed children who were not sexually abused, the lower effect size indicates that the instruments were less able to discriminate the type of distress. This meta-analysis gives evidence that projective techniques have the ability to discriminate between children who have been sexually abused and those who were not abused sexually. However, further research that is designed to include clinical groups of distressed children is needed in order to determine how well the projectives can discriminate the type of distress. Objectif: Cette méta-analyse de 12 études évalue l’efficacité des techniques projectives à distinguer les enfants abusés sexuellement de ceux qui ne le sont pas.

Méthode: Une revue de la littérature a permis d’identifier les études publiées ayant utilisé des instruments projectifs avec des enfants abusés sexuellement. Seules les études mentionnant des statistiques permettant l’évaluation de l’efficacité en fonction de l’effet de taille ont été retenues pour la méta-analyse. Douze de ces études répondaient aux critères. Human Figure Drawings, Draw your Favorite Kind of Day, le Rosebush, Visualization Strategy et le House-Free-Person.

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