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Posts about Parapsychology written by C . I said this Tuesday that I arrived to the San Francisco airport in 1985. Alas, I didn’t since I had very limited economic resources and was only starting to look for a job at Marin County. I mention this little anecdote because had I purchased the book I could have been spared from the extremely agonic stage in California. But how do I know that my Quixotic—to say the least—endeavor that so much suffering caused could have been avoided by a book? Well, it’s more complicated than just a single book.

I own was signed by Kurtz in front of me on November 12, 1985. How could I have fallen into such grandiose delusion? The answer is devastatingly simple. A pseudoscience is a system that pretends to be scientific but that is not. In other threads of this blog I have stated that the process of debunking a sophisticated pseudoscience requires an extraordinary input of energy.

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UFOlogy, still another on a very specific conspiracy theory such as the assassination of John F. Generally, people who believe in pseudosciences, cults or conspiracy theories never dare to seriously study the critics of their cherished beliefs. That’s precisely the religious mindset: never listen to the critics. I didn’t bother to listen the other side even when I finally got a job in California.

I had already read much of what Beloff had written in professional journals, including some of the articles contained in his book. European university: the only university that held an academic chair of parapsychology in the western world. For those who have not made their minds as to whether paranormal phenomena might be real or not, these two books, one edited by the founder of a skeptical group, the other authored by a late professor, are good starting points to listen to both sides of the debate. SS pamphlet explaining National Socialism.

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