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The different possible notions of convergence relate to how such a behaviour can be characterised: two readily understood behaviours are that the sequence eventually takes a constant value, and that values in the sequence continue to change but can be described by elementary probability for applications by rick durrett pdf unchanging probability distribution. Stochastic convergence” formalizes the idea that a sequence of essentially random or unpredictable events can sometimes be expected to settle into a pattern. These other types of patterns that may arise are reflected in the different types of stochastic convergence that have been studied.

While the above discussion has related to the convergence of a single series to a limiting value, the notion of the convergence of two series towards each other is also important, but this is easily handled by studying the sequence defined as either the difference or the ratio of the two series. Suppose a new dice factory has just been built. The first few dice come out quite biased, due to imperfections in the production process. As the factory is improved, the dice become less and less loaded, and the outcomes from tossing a newly produced die will follow the uniform distribution more and more closely.

Convergence in distribution is the weakest form of convergence, since it is implied by all other types of convergence mentioned in this article. Although these definitions are less intuitive, they are used to prove a number of statistical theorems. This example should not be taken literally. First, pick a random person in the street. Then ask other people to estimate this height by eye. Suppose a person takes a bow and starts shooting arrows at a target. After years of practice the probability that he hit anything but 10 will be getting increasingly smaller and smaller and will converge to 0.

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No matter how professional the archer becomes, there will always be a small probability of making an error. The concept of convergence in probability is used very often in statistics. Convergence in probability implies convergence in distribution. Convergence in probability does not imply almost sure convergence.

Consider an animal of some short-lived species. We record the amount of food that this animal consumes per day. Consider a man who tosses seven coins every morning. Each afternoon, he donates one pound to a charity for each head that appeared. The first time the result is all tails, however, he will stop permanently. This means there is no topology on the space of random variables such that the almost surely convergent sequences are exactly the converging sequences with respect to that topology.

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