Ece laws and ethics pdf

Code of Ethics Has ece laws and ethics pdf ever read the NAEYC code of Ethical Conduct? Or the Code of Ethics of the Division for Early Childhood?

A collection of ideas for those with the love of helping the future generation. Has anyone ever read the NAEYC code of Ethical Conduct? I feel that by having code of ethics early childhood workers act more professionally which translates into higher quality teaching for our children and families. And isn’t this what we want? A more professional setting with evidence based practices? To give our best to our children and families?

There is so much information out there on ways to incorporate best practices for our children and families but let’s first look at the ethics behind it all. Has anyone even heard of this? I haven’t so I found it to be quit informative. The guidelines for this is a framework for everyday practice when working with our children and families. We shall demonstrate in our behavior and language respect and appreciation for the uinique value and human potential of each child.

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We shall demonstrate the high standard of personal integrity, truthfulness, and honesty in all our professional activities in order to inspire the trust and confidence of the children and families and of those with whom we work. We shall strive for the high level of personal and professional competence by seeking and using new evidence based information to improve our practices while also responding openly to the suggestions of others. We shall see as advocates for the children with disabilities and their families and fo the professionals who sere them by supporting both policy and programmatic decisions that enhance the quality of their lives. We shall use individually appropriate assessment strategies including multiple sources of information such as observations, interviews with significant caregivers, formal and informal assessments to determine children’s learning styles, strengths, and challenges.

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