Difference from a php and pdf

Difference from a php and pdf documentation should have this info. Two quick approaches to getting the time elapsed in human readable form. B: 6 days 15 hours 48 minutes and 19 seconds ago.

But not every day has 24 hours. Date and time arithmetic is logically consistent and correct when you use PHP built-in functions, but it may not always work as expected if you try to write your own date and time arithmetic. A time difference function that outputs the time passed in facebook’s style: 1 day ago, or 4 months ago. I took andrew dot macrobert at gmail dot com function and tweaked it a bit.

On a strict enviroment it was throwing errors, plus I needed it to calculate the difference in time between a past date and a future date. Xd Yh Zm As, e. Empty sections will be stripped, returning 12d 4s, not 12d 0h 0m 4s. Below, a function to create TNG-style stardates, taking 2009 to start stardate 41000. In fact, the offset is trivial to adjust if you wish to begin from a different date.

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Calculate time to nearest 15 minutes! AD timestamps, so I wrote a pair of simple functions for it. GMT based on time zone offset. Does anyone know if the year 2038 issue will be solved in PHP?

Here a class extension to get the a datetime in the “X time ago” format easily. I built this function to get the strtotime numbers for the beginning and ending of the month and return them as arrays in an object. Returns values in the format of strtotime for evaluating purposes! To accurately calculate the difference between the current time and a time in the future I use the following. I did an article on floating point time you can download from my website.

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