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Noise annoyance — A modifier of the association between noise level and cardiovascular health? Different models were investigated either including the noise level and noise annoyance variables separately, or difference between pleasant sound and noise pdf, or together with an interaction term referring to the same noise source for the noise level and the noise annoyance. Significant effect modification was found with respect to the association between aircraft noise and hypertension.

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The association was stronger in more annoyed subjects. No clear interaction was found with respect to road traffic noise. The results from the Hyena study support the hypothesis that noise annoyance acts as an effect modifier of the relationship between the noise level and hypertension. We assessed the associations between aircraft and road traffic noise and hypertension.

We compared the predictive power of noise level and noise annoyance on hypertension. Road traffic noise was associated with a higher risk of hypertension. Noise annoyance had no substantial effect modifying impact on the associations. The noise level is more predictive for cardiovascular effects than noise annoyance.