Deleuze and guattari capitalism and schizophrenia pdf

It usually refers to the deeper reality underlying some well-formed whole constructed from fully functioning parts. At the same time, it may also describe a relationship to one’s literal body. In these works, the term took on an expanded meaning, referring variously to literal bodies and to a certain perspective on realities of any type. Deleuze and guattari capitalism and schizophrenia pdf term’s overloaded meaning is provocative, perhaps intentionally.

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The Schizophrenic and the Little Girl”, which contrasts two distinct and peripheral ways of encountering the world. For the Schizophrenic, words collapse, not into nonsense, but into the bodies that produce and hear them. This body is also described as “howling”, speaking a “language without articulation” that has more to do with the primal act of making sound than it does with communicating specific words. In Deleuze and Guattari’s collaboration, the term describes an undifferentiated, unhierarchical realm that lies deeper than the world of appearances. It relates to the proto-world described in the mythology of many different cultures. According to Griaule, the basic patterns of organization within the egg reappear within all domains of Dogon life: kinship structures, village layout, understanding of the body, and so forth. The egg metaphor helps to suggest the gestation of a formation yet to come, and the potential formation of many actualities from a single origin.

Tiny differentiations in the developing egg designate major differences in the final creature. For Deleuze and Guattari, every actual body has a limited set of traits, habits, movements, affects, etc. This collection of potentials is what Deleuze calls the BwO. The fully body without organs is “schizophrenia as a clinical entity”, this drop in intensity is a means of blocking all investments of reality, the “unproductive, the sterile, the unengendered, the unconsumable”.

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