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Tyche, the blind mistress of Fortune, governed mankind with an inconstancy which explained the vicissitudes of the time. Hellenistic period in the three centuries before the Christian era, especially from cities in the Aegean. The effectiveness of her capricious power even achieved respectability in philosophical circles during that generation, daughter of good fortune pdf among poets it was a commonplace to revile her for a fickle harlot.

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1114R, noted by Spyridakis 1969:45. Noted by Spyridakis, who demonstrated that earlier suggestions of a source in Fortuna Primigenia of Praeneste was anachronistic. This page was last edited on 14 January 2018, at 02:27. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. The play takes place over a time span of four days. Within these few days, Juliet is thrust into adulthood quickly—where she must deal with issues of life such as, romance, Passion, loss, and even death. During the play she is courted by a potential husband named Count Paris, strongly falls romantically in love with Romeo who is the only son of her family’s enemy, marries Romeo secretly, experiences the death of her first cousin Tybalt, has one brief passionate, romantic night with her new husband before he is forced to leave the city, is threatened by her father and nearly disowned by both of her parents for refusing to marry the man they have chosen for her, she is let down emotionally by the nurse who raised her from infancy, and spends nearly two days drugged to unconsciousness.

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