Coming to america script pdf

As a dedicated military officer, Bob sees it primarily as an opportunity for progress. At first, Sally dreads being left alone, coming to america script pdf after a while, she feels liberated. Forced to find housing off the base, she moves into a new apartment by the beach and buys a sports car.

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With nothing else to do, she decides to volunteer at a local veterans’ hospital. This, in part, is motivated by her bohemian friend Vi Munson, whose brother Billy has come home after just two weeks in Vietnam with grave emotional problems and now resides in the VA hospital. At the hospital, Sally meets Luke Martin, a former high school classmate. Like his friend Billy, Luke had gone to Vietnam but come back wounded. Filled with pain, anger and frustration, Luke is now opposed to the war. Luke at first is a bitter young man, but as he is increasingly thrown into contact with Sally, a relationship starts to develop.

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