Brothers in battle best of friends pdf

Please forward this error brothers in battle best of friends pdf to 74. The elder sisters are best friends. The younger brothers are best friends.

And between these similar siblings, lies a strange relationship. They are the friends who share the same dream, their dreams are big and connected to each other. These indirectly related siblings live an incredible normal life. Chiko is the elder sister of the Shinmoto siblings and is a 2nd-year college student.

She has a blonde hair and blue eyes and is fond of handsome guys. In the first episode of the anime, she doesn’t seem to like to go to the college just because there aren’t any handsome guys. Chiko’s dream is to conquer the world which is similar to Mako’s which is to save the world being a heroine by defeating anyone in her way. Chika but seems to hate being called like that. Chika is the younger brother of the Shinmoto siblings and is a 2nd year high school student. He has a blonde hair and blue eyes like his sister. He is popular with the girls in his school which is annoying to his sister.

It seems they are the ones who often visit the Shinmoto siblings when they are bored. Both the siblings are popular wherever they go. Mako is the elder sister of the Saitō siblings and is a part-time worker outside. Her education status is unknown and she has purple hair and greenish-yellow eyes.

She is seen practicing an alien language with her hand puppet in the first episode of the anime. She is an idol otaku. Mao is the younger brother of the Saitō siblings and is a 2nd year high school student just like Chika. He resembles his sister and is also seen with his hand puppet in the first episode of the anime. Mao seems to have a crush on Chiko. Japan between October 15, 2013, and August 15, 2014. September 13 and December 13, 2013.

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