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Ptolemy’s book book of fixed stars pdf their source for Hipparchus’s work and ancient Greek trigonometry in general. Hence it cannot have been completed before about 150, a quarter-century after Ptolemy began observing. The Arabic name is important due to the popularity of a Latin re-translation made in the 12th century from an Arabic translation, which would endure until original Greek copies resurfaced in the 15th century.

As with many medieval manuscripts that were handcopied or, particularly, printed in the early years of printing, there were considerable differences between various editions of the same text, as the process of transcription was highly personal. It is a 303-page Latin edition printed in 1515 at Venice by Petrus Lichtenstein. There is also a study of the angles made by the ecliptic with the vertical, with tables. Sun and Moon relative to the Earth. Books VII and VIII cover the motions of the fixed stars, including precession of the equinoxes.

Book VII, while the rest are in the table at the beginning of Book VIII. This system is believed to have originated with Hipparchus. The stellar positions too are of Hipparchan origin, despite Ptolemy’s claim to the contrary. 21 to the north of the zodiac, and 15 to the south.

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