Biology 10th edition solomon free pdf

Simplified diagram of mRNA synthesis and biology 10th edition solomon free pdf. RNA sugar-phosphate backbone forms with assistance from RNA polymerase to form an RNA strand. DNA helix break, freeing the newly synthesized RNA strand.

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RNA may be further processed. Only one of the two DNA strands serve as a template for transcription. 3′ direction, matching the sequence of the sense strand with the exception of switching uracil for thymine. This directionality is because RNA polymerase can only add nucleotides to the 3′ end of the growing mRNA chain.

RNA synthesis, as is the case in DNA replication. This is the strand that is used by convention when presenting a DNA sequence. Transcription has some proofreading mechanisms, but they are fewer and less effective than the controls for copying DNA. As a result, transcription has a lower copying fidelity than DNA replication. In the “closed complex” the promoter DNA is still fully double-stranded.