Apa format citing a pdf file

The APA got involved in journal apa format citing a pdf file in 1923. In 1944, a 32-page guide appeared as an article in the same journal. In response to the growing complexities of scientific reporting, subsequent editions were released in 1974, 1983, 1994, 2001, and 2009.

Particularly influential were the “Guidelines for Nonsexist Language in APA Journals,” first published as a modification to the 1974 edition, which provided practical alternatives to sexist language then in common usage. It was released in July 2009 after four years of development. Sample papers in the first printing of the sixth edition contained errors. October 1, 2009, and shortly thereafter alerted users to the existence of the corrections in an APA blog entry. APA Style uses an author-date reference citation system in the text with an accompanying reference list. In the APA reference list, the writer should provide the author, year, title, and source of the cited work in an alphabetical list of references.

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