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It has been argued that analogy is “the core of cognition”. For example, “Hand is to palm as foot is to ____? While a hand and a foot have many dissimilarities, the analogy focuses on their similarity in having an inner surface. It answers SAT questions by selecting the analogy questions and answers pdf with the highest relational similarity.

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They saw analogy as a shared abstraction. Analogous objects did not share necessarily a relation, but also an idea, a pattern, a regularity, an attribute, an effect or a philosophy. Analogies should also make those abstractions easier to understand and give confidence to the ones using them. In all of these cases, the wide Platonic and Aristotelian notion of analogy was preserved. Moreover, induction tries to achieve general conclusions, while analogy looks for particular ones. The mapping takes place not only between objects, but also between relations of objects and between relations of relations.

The whole mapping yields the assignment of a predicate or a relation to the target. Similarity demands that the mapping connects similar elements and relations of source and target, at any level of abstraction. It is maximal when there are identical relations and when connected elements have many identical attributes. An analogy achieves its purpose insofar as it helps solve the problem at hand. The multiconstraint theory faces some difficulties when there are multiple sources, but these can be overcome. A problem for the multiconstraint theory arises from its concept of similarity, which, in this respect, is not obviously different from analogy itself.

In fact, analogy occurs not only after, but also before and at the same time as high-level perception. Perception is necessary for analogy, but analogy is also necessary for high-level perception. Hofstadter’s and Gentner’s groups do not defend opposite views, but are instead dealing with different aspects of analogy. The target is supposed to be incomplete and in need for a complete description using the source. This is unattractive in Artificial Intelligence, as it requires a computation over abstract Turing machines. Its most fundamental measure is the computational complexity theory. In literature and poetry analogy is used in order to make people laugh.

The humoristic value of analogy can easily be noticed in cartoons and comic performances. Analogy can be discerned in creations and emergence of terms present in language. Smile is to mouth, as wink is to eye. In the field of testing, the colon notation of ratios and equality is often borrowed, so that the example above might be rendered, “Smile : mouth :: wink : eye” and pronounced the same way. Analogies are sometimes used to persuade those that cannot detect the flawed or non-existent arguments.

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