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Official Indian government reports numbered about 2,800 killed across India, including 2,100 in Delhi. Indian investigative agency, akali patrika newspaper in pdf download that the violence was organised with support from the Delhi police and some central-government officials. When a big tree falls, the earth shakes”. Sikh separatists, who were reportedly stockpiling weapons.

The Indian government reported 2,700 deaths in the ensuing chaos. Human rights organisations and newspapers across India believed that the massacre was organised. Government of India had “yet to prosecute those responsible for the mass killings”. Human Rights Watch reported that “widespread anti-Sikh attacks in Haryana were part of broader revenge attacks” in India. Indian government or the military. Many Sikhs condemned the militants’ actions.

By 1983, the situation in Punjab was volatile. In October, Sikh militants stopped a bus and shot six passengers. On the same day, another group killed two officials on a train. During the five months before Operation Blue Star, from 1 January to 3 June 1984, 298 people were killed in violent incidents across Punjab.

In the five days preceding the operation, 48 people were killed by violence. 492 civilians dead and 136 military killed and 220 wounded. Satish Jacob, tanks were deployed by the army in the Sultanwind area against Sikh civilians marching towards Amritsar. Sikhs across India and abroad protested. Calls for revenge led to Gandhi’s assassination by two of her bodyguards on 31 October 1984 and the subsequent anti-Sikh riots.

31 October 1984 by two of her Sikh bodyguards, anti-Sikh riots erupted the following day. They continued in some areas for several days, killing more than 3,000 Sikhs in New Delhi and an estimated 8,000 or more in 40 cities across India. Delhi were the worst affected. They entered Sikh neighbourhoods, killing Sikhs indiscriminately and destroying shops and houses. Others were dragged from their homes and hacked to death, and Sikh women were reportedly gang-raped.

Such wide-scale violence cannot take place without police help. It is a known fact that many jails, sub-jails and lock-ups were opened for three days and prisoners, for the most part hardened criminals, were provided fullest provisions, means and instruction to “teach the Sikhs a lesson”. But it will be wrong to say that Delhi Police did nothing, for it took full and keen action against Sikhs who tried to defend themselves. The Sikhs who opened fire to save their lives and property had to spend months dragging heels in courts after-wards. It began assaulting Sikhs, stopping cars and buses to pull Sikhs out and burn them. The violence on 31 October, restricted to the area around the AIIMS, resulted in many Sikh deaths. Residents of other parts of Delhi reported that their neighbourhoods were peaceful.

During the night of 31 October and the morning of 1 November, Congress Party leaders met with local supporters to distribute money and weapons. In Kiran Gardens at 8:00 am, Kumar was observed distributing iron rods from a parked truck to a group of 120 people and ordering them to “attack Sikhs, kill them, and loot and burn their properties”. Indira Gandhi is our mother and these people have killed her”. Whoever kills the sons of the snakes, I will reward them. Whoever kills Roshan Singh and Bagh Singh will get 5,000 rupees each and 1,000 rupees each for killing any other Sikhs.