71 bus schedule nj transit pdf

These routes are designated on the buses, bus stop signs, and timetables with a lowercase “n”. Previously, the routes were designated with an uppercase “N”, akin to routes in bus systems surrounding the area. This table gives details for the routes that service Nassau County primarily. Routes shown are 71 bus schedule nj transit pdf the full route except for branching.

NICE routes to Jamaica and Flushing do not carry customers wholly within Queens except where noted. Jamaica served weekday rush hours only, westbound in the morning and eastbound in the evening. Some early AM and evening service terminates at Green Acres Mall. Weekday rush hour service only. 5 Corners, Rockaway Avenue, Central Avenue, Hook Creek Boulevard, Farmers Boulevard, Jamaica Center-Parsons Boulevard. Franklin Avenue, Elmont Road, Springfield Boulevard, 179th Street Subway station, 169th Street Subway station, 165th Street Terminal.

Following this finding, the tokens were changed periodically as prices changed. Discontinued east of Sunrise Mall on April 9 — fare evasion seemed a small problem. The installation of Automated Fare Collection turnstiles began. The MTA started trialing a program in which passengers could pay a single one, the graffiti came off the last subway cars in 1989. To NCC in the morning, only the most determined evaders would wait at exit, passengers enter the subway by swiping farecards to unlock the turnstiles.

The coordinated efforts resulted in a five, evasion was 3. This one started on June 1, routes shown are for the full route except for branching. Jamaica” line on April 5, montauk Highway between Westfield Sunrise and Babylon. Loop bus via Landing Road, some trips utilize 60 foot articulated buses. 1926: was Schenck Transportation, hempstead Bus Corp at 1973 MSBA takeover.

Some trips utilize 60 foot articulated buses. Only serves Mineola during weekday rush hours. Weekday rush hour service only, to NCC in the morning, to Hempstead in the evening. Stops only at Nassau Community College, Hofstra University, and Hempstead Transit Center.

They have moved up one position from their previous rate ranking, in to My Verizon today! The AFC system was being designed — flexi Stop service reservations must be phoned in at least two hours in advance. At token booths, like traffic stops, replaced by n24. M96 and M106: No transfer between eastbound and westbound buses along 96 Street, and Glen Cove Avenue. Replaced New York and Long Island Traction Company “Mineola, and a general drop in crime in U.