5 cs education creativity pdf

This study contextualized the terrain of the practice of creativity education and its features in the specific context of Taiwan. 5 cs education creativity pdf study developed a five-dimensioned theoretical framework and a questionnaire to examine the delivery and practice of creativity education program.

The practice of creativity education can be evaluated from five interrelated dimensions, including 1. This research aimed to develop a set of indicators for creativity education and a questionnaire to evaluate its delivery in Taiwan. Four research methods were systematically combined to develop the indicators and the questionnaire, including interviews, document analysis, onsite visits, and a survey. The questionnaire’s reliability was calculated at a Cronbach’s alpha of 0. 97, and the five subscales’ Cronbach alpha scores ranged from 0. Evidence revealed that the practice of creativity education program in Taiwan was very effective. The questionnaire has great potential to be utilized in government, educational institutions, and other sectors as a reference tool to evaluate the delivery and practice of creativity education.

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