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This domain name is for sale. Life, science, programming, and all convincing and meaningless. Make sure to also check 3d max 2010 tutorials pdf part 2 of this tutorial, “Simple Doxygen templates” for many useful templates and tips. This is a simple guide to basic use of Doxygen-compliant commenting of source code.

Doxygen is very flexible when it comes to the form of how the documentation is written, the layout presented here is simply my preference. Installation and setup is very simple for all supported systems, and with Doxywizard, setting up the project of documentation is very simple also. The harder part is converting the old in-code documentation to Doxygen-compliant one. Comment on parameter i, but function not documented! No return value is reserved to indicate an error. To do so, you need to put a structural command inside the documentation block. A more detailed class description.

The same holds for namespaces. A type definition for unsigned int. Contains the last error code. Part 2 is now out!

I’m glad I could help! I use the rth output. I wonder how to control the order that doxygen do the docomentaion. I want documents for file main. Sorry, and thanks for visit!

Like many people I couldn’t get enums to show up in my main namespace. This is a Doxygen flaw in my opinion: there is no reason why it should not be able to document members of enclosing things like classes and namespaces that are not themselves documented. It helps with those little annoying parts of doxygen. How to put the comment inside a function. If I put like that, then this comment is merged with the one, which i commented before the function definition.

So for instance I have in public. I can get the class to document in publicclass. Here’s one example of what I’ve tried in publicclass. Is there any way to be able to change the navigation on the html that is outputted? I would prefer not to go in after documentation and change the structure. There is a possibility that for our documentation we will be updating the documentation every 3 months and thats too much editing.

Hence why we want automation. Any advice would be great. I have my config file set to hide other internal classes, but adding that comment above the class definition does not remove the class from the documentation. How do I remove single classes from documentation?